Submersible Pumps

submersible2These below ground pumps are designed for residential and small municipal water supply as well as light irrigation applications. Our Submersible Pumps are made by Goulds, and include the G series, GS series, LS series and the SB series Submersible well pumps. These high-pressure, solid handling pumps are perfect for water wells. The electric motor and pump are installed as one unit in the well and an electric cable is attached to the motor, and a pipe comes up the well from the pump into the home. To ensure water supply is reliable, even in droughts, submersible pumps may be set hundreds of feet beneath the water in a well. When the pump switches on, the motor runs and turns a series of impellers that push water up out of the well.

Goulds has been in the water pump business since 1848. Weathering all stages of pump development and new technologies, Goulds is still the strongest and oldest pump company in the US. Other pump companies tout stainless impellers (rotating parts) as being superior but Goulds exclusive flat wear ring and floating impeller design has been proven best at handling abrasives in lab tests for almost forty years. The new check valve design and discharge head are made of precision cast stainless steel (fixed parts) an environmentally friendly pump. Water- lubricated, AISI-grade stainless, FDA compliant engineered composites, corrosion resistant , non-toxic for a dependable home water supply. All over the world in 50 hertz and 60 hertz configurations for global applications. Pumps and parts are available and interchangeable worldwide.

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